October 20, 2021

The Austin Police Monitor on landing and managing a high profile position when new to the state
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Involved in politics for 20 years as a campaigner, a staffer, and now as a lobbyist - I've also worked as a creative director, freelance writer, and web-designer. These worlds all collide here at Pink Granite where we work to connect women to the resources they need to grow a career in Texas politics.


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Texas Legislature Online

As the name says, this is where you find information regarding who represents you, committee membership, rules, bills that have not been filed, and legislative calendars for the day.

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Legislative Reference Library

The Legislative Reference Library produces a Daily Newspaper Clipping Service for members of the Legislative community. Each morning, Library staff members select and compile articles of interest from over 30 national and regional newspapers.

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Legislative Budget Board

The Legislative Budget Board (LBB) is a permanent joint committee of the Texas Legislature that develops budget and policy recommendations for legislative appropriations, completes fiscal analyses for proposed legislation, and conducts evaluations and reviews to improve the efficiency and performance of state and local operations. Find all your state budget documents and studies right here in one place. It’s a big state ya’ll.

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The Quorum Report

This legislative information site requires a paid subscription, but when I was living in Wisconsin and found out that I’d be moving to Texas I found this site through Google and I immediately subscribed. It was worth every penny of the $360, and made me feel like part of the action from the other side of the country.

The Quorum Report offers live updates throughout the day of breaking intel, behind the scenes stories and other information that can only be gathered from walking the halls of the Texas Legislature.

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Capitol Inside

Information is power – and that’s what Capitol Inside is all about. Power. It’s about the people who run Texas government and what they are doing to lead. They will tell you what’s happening, who’s hot, and why.

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Texas Election Source

Well regarding analysis of Texas elections in real time, including in depth election night coverage. Paid service for about $20 a month.

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The Capitol Crowd

Based in Austin, the Capitol Crowd creates a printed, pocket-sized directory of all legislative staff at the Texas State Capitol. Additionally this is a VERY active private Facebook group for folks working at the Texas Capitol.

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The Texas Tribune

The Texas Tribune and its destination website were launched in November 2009 and have been going strong ever since. I love their live streaming of interviews, free events at the Austin Club and the invaluable directories on public officials – in addition to the great news.

I subscribe to all of their newsletters that are relevant to my work and am personally a financial supporter or “member” of the Texas Tribune.

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The Blast

From the statehouse to the campaign trail, you’ll get the inside scoop from political reporters Cassandra Pollock and Alex Samuels, and the notebooks of more than a dozen of Texas’ top political reporters.

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Christine’s List

The go-to resource for sourcing Texas jobs in advocacy, information and public administration. Christine’s list is a paid subscription but vital to anyone looking to find a job in Texas politics or advocacy – especially if you have no idea where to start.

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Professional Advocacy Association of Texas

PAAT works with the Texas Ethics Commission and the Texas State Legislature to improve understanding and compliance with the law relating to lobbying in Texas, while creating opportunities for collaboration and relationship-building.

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LBJ Women’s Campaign School

The LBJ Women’s Campaign School trains women to run for office or manage campaigns regardless of political party affiliation. They inspire women to enter the political arena, and empower them with the skills to win. Full disclosure – I sit on the advisory board!

Other Helpful Sources of Information


  • The 19th* News: non-profit news organizations with women at the center of it’s reporting. I’m an investor and a founding member!

  • Pantsuit Politics Podcast: Authors Beth Silver and Sarah Stewart Holland discuss the week’s news and national political topics with grace and nuance. I’m an Executive Producer!

  • The Political Life Podcast: Check out Pink Granite featured in Episode 100!

  • Popular Information: Daily newsletter written by a former Clinton staffer with crazy smart takes on national news and investigative topics.

  • The Cook Political Report: Balanced, well-known national resource for deep analysis, predictions, and national polling.

  • Women’s Public Leadership Network: Educates center and right-leaning women to run for elected office and obtain political appointments. I’m a board member!


  • The Bingham Group Podcast, (local government heavy) Check me out on Episode 126!

  • Lobbyland Podcast

  • Texas Politics Today (fantastic newsletter for following the movement of folks in and out of the Capitol, I like this one better than Quorum Report’s People on the Move segment because I get it all in one place in my inbox and no need to log-in to another website to find the info. You just have to be willing to wait for monthly updates rather than the Quorum report’s weekly posts.)

  • The Rabble Podcast (progressive focus)




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