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October 20, 2021

The Austin Police Monitor on landing and managing a high profile position when new to the state
texans have more in common than we may think
12 Pieces of advice from a texas lobbyist
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I'm Amy!

Involved in politics for 20 years as a campaigner, a staffer, and now as a lobbyist - I've also worked as a creative director, freelance writer, and web-designer. These worlds all collide here at Pink Granite where we work to connect women to the resources they need to grow a career in Texas politics.


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Meet Our Team


Pink Granite is always interested in partnering with professional women (and men!) seeking to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about working in politics and policy. If you’re interested in joining our growing list of contributors please email or contact us via this contact page.

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Jillian Bliss

Jillian is a staff attorney with the Texas General Land Office. She contributes to Pink Granite by coordinating interviewees and writing blog posts.

Read Jillian’s Pink Granite Interview here.

Connect to Jillian on LinkedIn here.

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Shellie Hayes-McMahon

Shellie Hayes-McMahon is the Operations Director at Annie’s List and contributes to Pink Granite by hosting podcast episodes featuring Progressive guests.

Connect to Shellie on LinkedIn here.


Lauren keeps Pink Granite up to speed on all things San Antonio and Bexar County. A former County Commission staffer, Lauren now serves as a VP at Cross-National Advisory Partners. Lauren helps host the Pink Granite Podcast.

Read Lauren’s Pink Granite Interview here.

Connect ot Lauren on LinkedIn here.

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Hope Osborn

Hope serves as a Policy Analyst for Texas 2036. She helps coordinate Pink Granite Happy Hours and is leading our soon to launch mentorship program.

Connect to Hope on LinkedIn here.

You can also email Hope here.

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Christina handles Public and Regulatory Affairs for Entergy. You may recognize her from Pink Granite’s Instagram stories where she has contributed live from legislative conferences. Christina also helps with Pink Granite’s events.

Connect to Christina on LinkedIn here.

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Felicia Wright roark

Felicia is a former Texas legislative staffer and lobbyist. She is now a global business consultant for BTS.

Connect to Felicia on LinkedIn here.

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Caitlin smith

Caitlin is the Vice President of AB Power Advisors. She helps coordinate Pink Granite interviews and regularly hosts the Pink Granite Podcast.

Connect to Caitlin on LinkedIn here.

Terri Broussard Williams


Terri is a veteran multi-state lobbyist and the founder of Movement Maker. She is an overall champion of other women and frequently hosts the Pink Granite Podcast.

Connect to Movement Maker here.

Connect to Terri on LinkedIn here.


Pink Granite Leaders Circle


Linda Battles



Elizabeth Hadley




Alicia pierce


Angela Storseth-Cooper


Lorraine Urey

Leader Circle members are our Patrons who donate at a level to help sustain the future of Pink Granite and to maintain a nominating and voting role in the Pink Granite awards. Learn more by visiting our Patreon page.

These members are also invited to an exclusive Leader Circle event each year.

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