October 20, 2021

The Austin Police Monitor on landing and managing a high profile position when new to the state
texans have more in common than we may think
12 Pieces of advice from a texas lobbyist
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I'm Amy!

Involved in politics for 20 years as a campaigner, a staffer, and now as a lobbyist - I've also worked as a creative director, freelance writer, and web-designer. These worlds all collide here at Pink Granite where we work to connect women to the resources they need to grow a career in Texas politics.


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Pink Granite Events


2021 Pink Granite Party

Thursday, September 16, 2021

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM


310 Willie Nelson Blvd, Austin, Texas 78701


Join Pink Granite this fall for an engaging and fun evening celebrating four years of women supporting women in Texas politics. This party is our flagship annual event, the largest of our celebrations, and will feature lite bites, a wine bar, live music, and nationally recognized speakers.

We’ll also be recognizing our first-ever Pink Granite Award winners at this event.

Come join us at one of Austin’s best homes for entertainment for the 2021 Pink Granite Party!


Charlotte Blakemore

Jillian Bliss

Carley Butler

Alice Claiborne

Katie Coleman

Carrie Collier-Brown

Jo Cassandra Cuevas

Amber Hausenfluck

Shellie Hayes-McMahon

Nelda Hunter

Francis Jordan

Lara Keel

Mary Love

Lauren Mandel

Jonathan Mathers

Mia McCord

Carol McGarah

Ayushi Mehta

Alyse Meyer

Carsi Mitzner

Hope Osborn

Amber Pearce

Michele Richmond

Amy Rister

Felicia Wright Roark

Denise Rose

Jennifer Saenz

Stephanie Simpson

Caitlin Smith

Esme Thoman

Mary Tipps

Ellen Troxclair

Amy Whited

Terri Broussard Williams

Meet Our Speakers

Authors of I Think You’re Wrong, But I’m Listening. Beth Silvers and Sarah Stewart Holland also host a podcast offering real conversations about politics, democracy, and the news of the day. On Pantsuit Politics, Beth and Sarah’s values-driven political analysis blends hard facts with important social and cultural undercurrents, so you don’t miss the big picture.

On September 16, 2021 Beth and Sarah will speak to Pink Granite’s supporters, helping us navigate the hard conversations – with grace.



Musical Guests

Beat Root Revival is a multi-instrumentalist roots duo, combining elements of Folk, Blues, Country, and Rock n Roll to create a melodic sound, made up of powerhouse harmonic vocalists Andrea Magee and Ben Jones. You won’t want to miss these amazing, local artists LIVE at the 2021 Pink Granite Party.

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