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You've found the home for women working in Texas politics.

Are you ready for a career in politics but need help getting started? Looking to sift through the partisan divide to find advice from a community of women who know how to make a name for themselves under the pink dome? You've come to the right place.

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You've heard it's all about who you know. Let's get you in the door.

Elevating Your Career in Texas Politics Regardless of Party


Pink Granite has several committees and programs in need of your voice and experience. 
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Your one stop shop for everything #TXLege, our resources page will keep you up to speed on the latest news, job postings, political talk, and more. 


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“It is great to see an organization that is building bridges rather than burning the other side down.”

2021 Pink Granite party attendee


I'm Amy.

Founder + Executive Director

Involved in politics for 20 years as a campaigner, a staffer, and now as a lobbyist - I've also worked as a creative director, freelance writer, and web-designer. These worlds all collide here at Pink Granite where we work to connect women to the resources they need to grow a career in Texas politics.

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